Monday, 17 December 2012

More Cabalistic Visions and Sounds!


Faithfully brought to you by the Cabalistic Movement For Noise Enhancement under command and auspices from the voice(s) from the outer world!

Background to the Sounds:

Inspiration from timeless realms - recording in human world, captured in time/place circa 1992-ish (Gregorian Calendar) on cassette tape using the most state of the art technology and production techniques available at that time in Toronto, Canada. Further sound production development in later years in other regions.

Note: A prequel and/or sequel to 'Cabal - Tormentia'

Beware this is the voice from the outer world! We take no responsibility for any change in consciousness or any occurrences of surreal, lucid dreams - by listening you consent to these terms and conditions.

Cabalistic Movement for Noise Enhancement

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